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    Obtaining de BRC is the logical sequence to Ebrocork quality policy, whose main objectives are to ensure the safety of bottling while improve the quality management system and food safety always complying over the current legislation. The Grade "AA" certification obtained shows that our policy was properly focused and fully implemented.

    BRC/IoP is designed especially for packaging companies, in our case, our product is in direct contact with the wine and it is essential to provide this assurance. The legislation requires compliance with the most demanding technical requirements for the production, packaging, storage and distribution of products for food sector.

    It was a joint task, led by the Quality Department, that it has involved every Ebrocork's worker.

    The image the prestige and excellence of our company is now seen supported by the BRC IoP certified Grade AA, guaranteeing the quality of products and services of Ebrocork, as leaders in the national and international sector.