We use systems and processes such as the norm UNE EN ISO 9001-2008, Systems Quality Management, which Ebrocork obtained for the first time at June 10, 1999 (in that year was homologous to the current of today, the norm UNE EN ISO 9001-2000), approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, international certification company authorized by UKAS for the activity of making cork stoppers for quiet wines.

The fulfillment of the norm UNE EN ISO 9001-2008 ensures that "the organization operates effectively and efficiently with the appropriate combination and interaction between individual jobs and processes of the system itself," ensures the proper management of the company documentation, and the general operating as an organization, all looking for client satisfaction, the product quality and the self-satisfaction of the members of the Company.

SYSTECODE EXCELLENCE Company Certificate ensures that the production processes of Ebrocork comply with the best practices cork manufacturers for documentation, hygiene, efficiency and normative. See the international code of the good practices of cork manufacturers that collects many of the guidelines of this certificate. Audited by Bureau Veritas and certified by CE Liege association.

In an increasingly globalized world, with more demanding in the area of ​​distribution requirements, and a market of consumers better informed and concerned about food quality and safety, BRC is the accepted international standard. IT'S THE ENDORSEMENT, GUARANTEE OF SUCCESSFUL ENTRY INTO THE EXPORT MARKET.

Ebrocork is the first cork company in Spain, France and Portugal to obtain the Certification BRC / IoP. All this would not be possible without the unconditional support of each of our customers which thanks to their generated daily trust, have made possible this as a reality that Ebrocork provides as an added value to its customers.

CorkMark certificate is a distinctive that they give us for having SYSTECODE that defends the cork trees and the quality of the cork.

Health Certificate ensures complies with current normative for the hygiene and the health in Ebrocork.