Maquinaria para la fabricación del corcho

"How we think: quality, competitiveness, technological innovation and service satisfaction"

How we think


Ebrocork manufactures cork stoppers applying the highest standards of quality and adjusting to the requirements and needs of each client. Its role in the wine market is to provide this essential component to the process of wine by increasing the value of the final product


The product quality, the competitive prices, the technological innovation and service satisfaction are the four parameters that have allowed Ebrocork occupy a position of preference in the market.


What do we believe? The answer to this question is a commitment we made and a framework that inspires and regulates the life of this company:

Ethics as the foundation of our business conduct

The order, organization and responsibility of each member of the company as the basis of our daily work

Technological innovation and research as tools of quality

A good service and quality of the product as the argument of market positioning