Ebrocork renews its BRC food safety certification (British Retail Consortium/Institute of Packaging), with grade AA.



Systecode Excellence Award


Differentiator certificate Systecode Excellence

It is awarded to those companies in the sector who reach their level of excellence in safety, traceability and quality in compliance with the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices (ICCSMP).


New facilities Ebrocork

Ebrocork company is already working in his new premises ubicated in Cirauqui, location near Estella, on the motorway between Pamplona and Logroño.

About 1000 m2 expansion completely transforming the production plant, updating machinery and a quality laboratory. The company also wanted to restruture the other departments, using more open spaces.


Ebrocork renews GRADE "A" in BRC IoP STANDARD


BRC/IoP "Grade A”  the most demanding standard in food security.

Obtaining the BRC is the logical sequence to Ebrocork quality policy, whose main objectives are to ensure the safety of bottling while improve the quality management system and food safety always complying over the current legislation. Grade A certification obtained shows that the policy was properly focused and fully implemented.

BRC / IoP is designed especially for packaging companies, in our case our product is in direct contact with the wine and it is essential to provide this assurance. The legislation requires compliance with the most demanding technical requirements for the production, packaging, storage and distribution of products for food sector.

It was a joint task, led by the Quality Department,  that it has involved every Ebrocork's worker.

The image of prestige and excellence of our company is now seen supported by the BRC IoP certified Grade A, guaranteeing the quality of products and services of Ebrocork, as leaders in the national and international sector.



EBROCORK, in recognition of compliance with these stringent requirements, has obtained the SYSTECODE PREMIUM certificate in 2012, differing with another 15 companies in the Iberian Peninsula, for his excellence in Best Practices of Cork Stopper Manufacturers, taking a new leap in the quality to face with confidence the challenges posed by the new times.

Ebrocork history is that of a young company that since its birth in 1988, still closely tied to the most recent technological development of the cork European sector.

With 25 years of existence, Ebrocork could not be subject to a traditional approach. The quality policy of Ebrocork has been oriented on listening to our clients to know their needs, rather than to continue the inertia that always marks the tradition, but assuming the best of it.

A year before the birth of Ebrocork is found the CE-Liege, European Cork Confederation, one of whose objectives was to promote general norms in the field of production of raw materials, the industry and trade of cork stoppers. In order to establish working guidelines serve to improve the quality of cork stoppers, is made in 1996 the 1st edition of the "International Code of Practices Manufacturers of Cork Stoppers ", which sets norms of good practice for the production of cork stoppers.
Ebrocork, then assume this approach to quality control at various stages of production and since 2001, submit itself to external audits realized by an independent auditing firm, Bureau Veritas, to guarantee compliance with the conditions SYSTECODE code. This accreditation is the tool that has driven the modernization within the sector of the industry of manufacturers cork stoppers.

Ebrocork, year after year has been getting SYSTECODE accreditation, improving its products and services in line with the requirements and recommendations of the CITP, International Code of the Practices of Manufacturers Cork Stoppers, with each new revision of the code, providing technological innovations to the sector within the scope of the food safety and hygiene in all manufacturing processes.

In 2011, perceives that SYSTECODE began to cease to be a differentiator and really motivating to reflect the improvements that were driving in their systems of quality management in companies such as Eborcork, publishing the version 6 of which provides important news, mainly the differentiation between a BASE level, like the in previous versions of the CITP and the PREMIUM level, with requirements stricter than the BASE, which rewards companies that work best, recognizing their efforts on continuous improvement and on the innovation within the sector, beyond the strict compliance with the norm.

ISO 9001, 22000, 14000, FSC, SYSTECODE. They are good tools for continuous improvement in quality management of manufacturing processes, food safety, environmental, etc.. But for Ebrocork further the motor of the improving is based on human factor enhancing essential principle of quality. Appropriate training, active communication with clients and suppliers, and teamwork of all people who are part of the company, are the real reasons that have driven to achieve business excellence.


Talk of "stock" is not just refer to the "quantity of goods which are on deposit," but the need to manage the capacity of storage conditions as befits a key strategic element for any company, including the processing industry of the cork stoppers for closing bottles.


The market instability and consequent caution of our clients, the demands of conservation like a natural product that is and an irreducible timing of supply of raw materials, make the required cork stoppers to need an optimal storage conditions, in quantity and quality. In other words, the difference today is in the value of "service" as well as to the value "product."

The storehouse or the answer’s capacity.

The most important features that a strategy of client service as we analyze, i.e., one in which the stock enough product is assumed to be permanent, are two: the need to implement appropriate conservation conditions of the cork stopper in the area of the storage and, moreover, the ability to assume the high financial costs that this strategy involve. We turn, especially, in the first one.
The C.E. Liege in yours International Code of Practice of Manufacturers of Cork Stoppers establishes stringent guidelines for conservation. Ebrocork, however, understand that this is only a starting point, so that the 1,800 m2 of warehouse control, four parameters are applied: on humidity, temperature, materials and airborne microorganisms.
The humidity is preserved to maintain absolute humidity conditions of the cork stopper between 5.5-6%. This ensures that the cork stopper has a water activity value, around 0.7.

An extensive air conditioning system in turn is responsible to maintain automatically the most appropriate temperature levels. The same is done with the materials used in the store EBROCORK, especially the pallets, of virgin plastic, as well as used for issuing the product of non-reusable cartons.

Finally, and although environmental conditions collected and ensure that microbial activity is suspended, in EBROCORK applies the most advanced indoor air purification: the photo catalysis by titanium dioxide and ultraviolet light. It is called AiroCide and its scientific basis is in the right combination of the catalytic action of TiO2 activated by ultraviolet light in order to eliminate any microbial load and any organic compound present in the air that passes through the center of the Photo catalysis.

In summary, these features make that EBROCORK always have stock of the fundamental for a company: answer’s capacity. Our clients, the wineries, they know that only through knowledge of the market, the application of quality criteria in the stocking and the service factor is achieved as a competitive tool that may have permanently the cork stopper required in each case.

From manufacturer of cork stoppers until solutions supplier B2B *

"We do not want to be a company that manufactures cork stoppers and sells them, we want to be a reference in creating solutions for the wine industry in terms of corking and advice relates," said by sources of the company Ebrocork.


According to the Navarre Company said, continuous improvement of its installations has been the market towards the company, not the company to the market. This has got to respond efficiently and consistently to their clients, taking into account not only the demands of the same, but the market, a global market in crisis with a clear example of recovery in strategic segments, including the exportation.

Give funding is a financial cost overrun problem, which will impact our client, we offer a guarantee of continuous supply, without having to place orders in advance or excessive volume, only what the client will need. We have a large inventory in stock, which not only ensures maximum quality and stability to the cork stoppers, but so an immediate service of cork stoppers.

Tools of vertical integration. We have created a vertical communication channel between members of the company to better respond to client concerning the counseling and generating solutions. Directly from our research and development department to the members of the commercial network.

Quality and traceability. Raw material from the same fields, high homogeneity. Control of indoor air quality by heterogeneous photo catalysis, humidity and temperature.

We aren’t the largest cork company, not of the least price of their cork stoppers (which do not symbolize the cheapest). We are a company comparable to a signature wine, with a production that ensures our highest quality in all our cork stoppers, lively, with adaptable capacity to market tendencies and a clear desire to improve year after year.

* B2B: business to business.