Descortezamiento del alcornoque

The extraction and barking

In the origin the cork is extracted from the bark of cork oak. It takes between 35 and 40 years to make the first cork extraction or "withdrawal". Since then every 9 years the "stripping" is allowed. From this raw material only 25% is used and suitable for the manufacture of cork stoppers which so far it shows figures around 21,000 million cork stoppers worldwide. Moreover it is necessary to know that from a kilo of cork, 55 cork stoppers are made approximately, in a process extending over about 22 days.


The extraction of cork is produced in late spring, between the months of May / June to late September, when intense heat is added to the remaining humidity of the soil in order to generate an intense vegetative activity that allows the cork "give itself", i.e. extraction without damaging the living layers of the tree. The cork removal will be easier if during that year there was no drought.



Must wait 25 to 30 years for the first extraction of the tree and there is from the third uncork when we get the material with best quality. On the other hand the calibers of reproduction cork that are needed in the work of the factory of cork stoppers impose a minimum number of years of growth that has been set at 9.