Sacos de corcho amontonados

On the product

Quality at EBROCORK is not understood only as the last step previous to product delivery to customer, no matter how exhaustive this can be.

"Our business philosophy at Ebrocork makes us understand quality as a way of working, not only as a simple control."

For that reason, we realize a strict evaluation to the product on receiving from the hands of our suppliers and verify that it has passed the required controls of international laboratories. It is habitual that Ebrocork specialists travel to the place of origin of the cork and there, in the field, supervise the quality parameters that must respect the raw material. It is a way to ensure the quality of the product at the reception of the goods, which does not stop then to put up the permanent mechanical quality control over our product and the process that there is now an identity sign of our company.

The quality controls on the product are in resume three flashpoints: the first extends over the entire manufacturing process in origin; the second applies on the arrival of the product at Ebrocork and the latter is previous at the delivery to our customer.

The reception control allows extracting data about the humidity, apparent density and dimensions, and also applies through sensory analysis, visual test, analysis of oxidizing residues, microbial count and analysis of chloroanisoles compounds by a gas chromatography, realized in external laboratories.


Meanwhile, the control of finished product that is so internally or externally, in addition to reviewing the initial data, adds studies about extraction force, capillarity, tightness and diametric recovery. For this, among other systems, Ebrocork has a multi-parameter measurement equipment, which is now the maximun technological exponent for this type of control.

In summary, the Quality Department of Ebrocork inspect and test the product at reception to give their approval to it and the finished product, ensuring its quality and physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics. In addition, they prepare the Quality Reports requested by the customer and keep records of the trials.