Maquinaria para la fabricación del corcho

In the installations

The cork is an inert material, little or nothing biodegradable, but sensitive to environmental conditions. Its destiny also is to keep - perhaps for years - a living element that develops, as it is the wine. Therefore, in Ebrocork we apply our quality philosophy also to the installations where are producing and storing the cork stoppers in four fundamental parameters:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Materials
  • Environmental control of microorganisms

Humidity is permanently controlled by aspersion system of sprayed water which had passed before by a treatment that involves ultraviolet lamps, carbon filters and softeners. The system acts to maintain conditions of absolute humidity of the cork stoppers between 5.5-6%. This ensures that the cork stopper has a value of water activity, aw, around 0.7.

At the same time, an extensive air conditioning system is responsible to maintain automatically the most appropriate temperature levels in order this environmental factor not to damage the cork stopper stored in our installations.

The materials used in Ebrocork's warehouse, especially pallets, are of virgin plastic and for the deliveries, we also use unrecoverable plastic pallets.