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In the processes

Considering the strict criteria of integral quality that Ebrocork assumes and applies, it is clear that these are not limited to raw materials but also extended to the entire manufacturing process of cork stoppers realized in the Company.

In this regard, systems and processes comply with the UNE EN ISO 9001-2008. Systems Quality Management, which Ebrocork obtained for the first time at June 10, 1999, approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, international certification company authorized by UKAS.

The same occurs with the conformity of the Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practice, which since its foundation in the year 1999, Ebrocork assumed as his own, getting at that time the Certificate SYSTECODE that recognizes us as a company compliant and committed to these practices, and that today has made us worthy of the highest distinction awarded by the European Cork Federation (CE-Liège), the Certificate SYSTECODE PREMIUM.

Complying the Norm UNE EN ISO 9001-2008, as also the obtaining of the Certificate SYSTECODE PREMIUM, ensure that "the organization works effectively and efficiently with the right combination and interaction between individual jobs and processes of the system itself," all of them looking for the client satisfaction, the product quality and self-satisfaction of the members of the company.

As seen, in Ebrocork it has been assumed that there must be strong focus on the client, both in the way of working and the result of the work itself. For this Company complies a norm such as UNE ISO 9001-2008 and gets the Certificate SYSTECODE PREMIUM is more than just an image issue. It is an effective tool for continuous perfection.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Ebrocork applies to his cork stoppers a SURFACE TREATMENT by silicone and paraffin WITH A WEIGHT AND DOSAGE COMPUTER SYSTEM of the necessary components to give the cork stopper the physical characteristics and the appropriate behaviour and, in summary, the quality level we require.