Safety stock

"The finished product is submitted to a wide and exhaustive quality control program"


Aside from the physical and environmental conditions that are part of Ebrocork installations, as well as those applied to the raw materials received, it is necessary to add the wide and exhaustive quality control program to which the finished product is subjected, cause and effect of national and international certificates that we have and the work style of Ebrocork always focused on quality.

A fundamental part of this component is the laboratory and the diverse equipments that in the production line, are used to make various tests. With these two-way technical resources are made physical, chemical and microbiological analyses. In any case they are different types: dimensional, humidity, density, capillary, microbiology, peroxides test, overpressure and tightness and diametric recovery and extraction force, among others.

This is compounded by external controls that we request to give even greater tranquillity and security to the customer. Quality is a constantly evolving feature.