Ebrocork renews its BRC food safety certification (British Retail Consortium/Institute of Packaging), with grade AA.

Since 2013, the Ebrocork Management agreed to integrate this prestigious international food safety standard into its ISO 9001 Quality Management System. In that year, Ebrocork was the first cork stopper company to be certified by BRC/IoP.

The decision to be accredited by BRC was not imposed as a market requirement. Rathe, it was a strategic commitment of our company. The global standard BRC is an effective tool to ensure compliance with the most demanding requirements of the customer. But it is also to ensure compliance with EU food law and international standards such as the FDA.

At Ebrocork, as supplier of the quality cork stoppers for the wine industry, we understand that the global BRC/IoP standard is the most internationally recognized model in the Food Industry to certify excellence in food safety.

This safety of the cork stopper, as a product that comes into direct contact with wine, is treated by BRC/IOP with the same rigor as a food, subjecting it to the highest standards of hygiene throughout its production process.

If we have to summarize the advantages and benefits of the BRC/IoP regulation to the Food Industry, we can affirm that its implementation:

- Encourages companies to achieve the best practices within their sector.

- As a globally recognized standard with clearly defined clauses, it allows the objetive evaluation of the quality and safety system of each company, which allows a saving in time and costs of auditing and selection of strategic suppliers of the company.

- It improves the transparency in the traceability of the product and certifies compliance with all aspects related to the quality, safety and legality of the product, while being compatible with other quality and hygiene systems established in the food sector.

To remain in the vanguard of the sector, Ebrocork has oriented its action in the continuous improvement of all its processes. The company has been equipped with modern facilities, with the latest technology in the manufacture of cork stoppers. Its product and process quality control laboratories cover a wide range of analytical techniques, microbial tests, mechanical tests for bottling, physical-mechanical properties tests and sensory analysis.

The stock managment of raw material in the warehouse of Ebrocork is another of the strenghts of the firm. The cork stoppers are stored under optimum environmental conditions: Temperature and Relative Humidity of the environment automatically controlled according to regulations and elimination of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and aerial microorganisms by Heterogeneous Photocatalysis are some of the most remarkable characteristics. The advantages that Ebrocork offers to wineries not only focus on the sanitary guarantee of the cork stoppers, but also adapt to the new market circumstances in terms of security of immediate supply, thus avoiding that the wineries have large stocks.

Ebrocork understands that it is not enough to have the best technology and environmental and hygienic conditions in its facilities, as well as a competent and qualified personnel. It is necessary to have, in addition, a Managment System that guarantees that all the processes of the company must be improved day by day. Orient our approach to the customer in Quality and Safety of the cork stopper. And we believe that the Global BRC standard as an integrated part of our quality management system is the tool that will allow us to continue helping and providing solutions to any bottling needs of wines in the winery.