EBROCORK, in recognition of compliance with these stringent requirements, has obtained the SYSTECODE PREMIUM certificate in 2012, differing with another 15 companies in the Iberian Peninsula, for his excellence in Best Practices of Cork Stopper Manufacturers, taking a new leap in the quality to face with confidence the challenges posed by the new times.

Ebrocork history is that of a young company that since its birth in 1988, still closely tied to the most recent technological development of the cork European sector.

With 25 years of existence, Ebrocork could not be subject to a traditional approach. The quality policy of Ebrocork has been oriented on listening to our clients to know their needs, rather than to continue the inertia that always marks the tradition, but assuming the best of it.

A year before the birth of Ebrocork is found the CE-Liege, European Cork Confederation, one of whose objectives was to promote general norms in the field of production of raw materials, the industry and trade of cork stoppers. In order to establish working guidelines serve to improve the quality of cork stoppers, is made in 1996 the 1st edition of the "International Code of Practices Manufacturers of Cork Stoppers ", which sets norms of good practice for the production of cork stoppers.
Ebrocork, then assume this approach to quality control at various stages of production and since 2001, submit itself to external audits realized by an independent auditing firm, Bureau Veritas, to guarantee compliance with the conditions SYSTECODE code. This accreditation is the tool that has driven the modernization within the sector of the industry of manufacturers cork stoppers.

Ebrocork, year after year has been getting SYSTECODE accreditation, improving its products and services in line with the requirements and recommendations of the CITP, International Code of the Practices of Manufacturers Cork Stoppers, with each new revision of the code, providing technological innovations to the sector within the scope of the food safety and hygiene in all manufacturing processes.

In 2011, perceives that SYSTECODE began to cease to be a differentiator and really motivating to reflect the improvements that were driving in their systems of quality management in companies such as Eborcork, publishing the version 6 of which provides important news, mainly the differentiation between a BASE level, like the in previous versions of the CITP and the PREMIUM level, with requirements stricter than the BASE, which rewards companies that work best, recognizing their efforts on continuous improvement and on the innovation within the sector, beyond the strict compliance with the norm.

ISO 9001, 22000, 14000, FSC, SYSTECODE. They are good tools for continuous improvement in quality management of manufacturing processes, food safety, environmental, etc.. But for Ebrocork further the motor of the improving is based on human factor enhancing essential principle of quality. Appropriate training, active communication with clients and suppliers, and teamwork of all people who are part of the company, are the real reasons that have driven to achieve business excellence.